The 26th of August 2017 was such a magical day for us. Sara and I tied the knot on a gorgeous bank holiday Saturday. We were truly blessed with the weather and almost everything went perfectly.

Before the dust had any time to settle, we flew out to beautiful Tuscany to celebrate the first part of our honeymoon.

This was the most incredible moment of my life.

Yet buried deep within, I was plagued with a constant, dull sense of anxiety, because I knew that on our return home I had a lot of work to do, and the truth is, the future was quite uncertain.

You see, I had recently decided to set up my own Lifestyle Financial Planning business – from scratch – with ZERO clients.

I’d taken the leap – it was now all on me, and it was squeaky bum time!

OK, so I had 12 years’ experience working in Financial Services, but it doesn’t automatically translate that I would be any good at building a Financial Planning business.

I had no savings left after what had been an expensive year, with the wedding and getting things in place to start Clarity…

I had no business ‘lined up’ to see me through my first few months.

I had very little in terms of ‘reputation’ to fall back on as I had always worked for someone else.

And the truth is, I had no idea how to run a business either, never mind a business in such a heavily regulated space as Financial Advising.

I had my work cut out and I knew it.

But I had a vision, I had a passion for my work and I had an incredibly supportive Wife who encouraged me to ‘go for it’ – so if I was ever going to do it – then the time was NOW!

Happy anniversary!

Last week, Sara and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Some people say that the first year is the hardest, well, ours was an absolute breeze and I’ve loved every second of it.

The 1st of September also officially marks the first anniversary of my business, Clarity Lifestyle Financial Planning – that journey hasn’t been such smooth sailing – but it sure has been eventful, and I’ve learnt a lot!

They say that up to 80% of new businesses in the UK fail in their first year – but we made it!

How did I get here?

Over the coming weeks I’d like to share some of my journey with you up to this point – I hope that’s ok?

I’d like to tell you a few stories that I hope will help to make sense of why I do what I do – and why I do it the way I do it – which is a little differently to most other Financial Advisers.

I’ll tell you why I left the Army in 2005 after being recommended for a promotion.

I’ll tell you how reading 2 autobiographies in Ibiza in 2014 changed my outlook on life.

I’ll tell you why I decided to start my own business from scratch at the age of 33 – when it would have been much easier (in the short term) for me to have worked for an established firm and spent the next 30 odd years earning a respectable living.

What makes me think you’re interested?

Facebook, Instagram, Big Brother…Gogglebox!

I think most of us are interested in each other’s stories to some degree. We are all secretly a little bit voyeuristic, aren’t we?

And you never know, maybe something about my story will resonate with you?

So, I’ll kick things off next week by telling you why I decided to join the Army straight from school and why it didn’t turn into the experience I hoped it would.

I’d love to hear your story, I think we all have something to share. I look forward to hearing it sometime.

Until next time…

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